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Looking for some freebies in the T+D Toolkit? Well, look no further, I've provided two FREE GUIDES to add to your Starter Kit: Super Simple Training Prep Tips for the Timid Trainer (relaxation tips for newbies and occasional trainers), and 15 Quick + Easy Ways to Capture + Share Your Business Knowledge to help you document and share processes, procedures, and other important information around your business environment. Get them while they're hot! 



Super Simple Training Prep Tips for the Timid Trainer

Getting up in front of people to lead a training or facilitation session is no easy feat. It takes real courage and confidence to open yourself up to your fellow employees and take charge. Plus, there is a lot of planning and behind the scenes work that needs to be taken care of before the training session even begins! And it can all be quite overwhelming. 

With the 5 Super Simple Training Prep Tips for the Timid Trainer, you will discover 5 short and simple tips to keep you focused and your nerves in check. So, if you're an occasional (once-in-awhile) trainer, or a small business owner who leads small training sessions for your people, then this FREE GUIDE is just for you. 


15 Quick + Easy Ways to Capture and Share Your BUsiness Knowledge

Are you struggling to find ways to capture knowledge around your business or get much needed information into the hands of your staff? Then it's time to invest in these 15 quick and easy capture methods to help you out and speed up the process.

In this FREE GUIDE, you will discover some awesome low-cost tools to help you document and capture all of the important knowledge floating around the office so you can improve your productivity and management of knowledge.

Plus, all of these tools can be used to help you train your employees and promote learning around the office. A win-win, indeed! 


Introduction to Intrapreneurship

Learn how to cultivate a culture of innovation by empowering your employees to become intrapreneurs. Intrapreneurs are employees who "innovate" inside of your company, looking for ways to solve internal issues or fulfill on-going needs.  

In this FREE GUIDE, you will discover how to inspire your staff to become problem-solvers and utilize their talents to improve your business or organization. Find out how to structure startup departments / groups, identify areas of improvement / internal opportunities and how to convert the naysayers into a crew of energized employees who truly want to make a difference. 

This guide includes free actionable tips and strategies to help you get started.