The Train the Trainer Club 

Are your training sessions in dire need of an overhaul? Are you hesitant to lead a training session and ready to break free from the shackles of shyness? Whatever the case may be, it's time to change things up and take the lead!

As a member of the Train the Trainer Club, you will learn how to: 

  • Channel your inner powerhouse public speaking voice for training and presentations
  • Enhance your facilitation sessions with user-friendly learning technologies
  • Design branded training + development sessions that really wow
  • Find professional development opportunities to improve your craft

In my 3 Step Beginner Method, I will teach you how to improve your overall skill set as a trainer and deliver high quality branded training sessions that engage your audience. To get started, just follow the steps below. 



Browse My blog


The first step is to Browse My Blog and learn more about how to improve as a training facilitator, brand your training sessions, and use emerging technologies to enhance your training, professional development and learning. 

You will also find special resources such as live and on-demand webinars, worksheets, white papers, and lots of tips to help you step up your facilitation and branding game. 



check out the checklist

The second step is to check out the "Training Prep Checklist + Questionnaire" designed to help timid trainers plan and strategize their training sessions. It's a great hands-on resource for trainers who need a little extra assistance in prepping for the big day.




empower yourself with E-COURSES

The third step is to enroll in my on-demand courses. In my online courses, I focus on breaking down essential training and development methods by providing you with step-by-step instructions for implementing them into your business - rapidly and effectively. 

In my Learning + Development Academy, you can take these 24/7 on-demand e-courses anytime, or anyplace to learn on the go.  

Plus, each course comes with bonus extras, actionable worksheets and contentso you can begin incorporating the strategies as soon as possible.  





In business, life moves fast and you don't always have time to sit and do everything yourself. It's just not practical nor productive. 

For businesses in need of a professional, custom training or organizational development solution, I offer special services ranging from general consultations/coaching to full-service design and implementation packages:  


Training Solutions

OD Solutions